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    Shanghai King Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.

    KingAE  ϺԄӻ޹˾

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     Shanghai King Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. (KingAE) has earned a reputation for performance and reliability. With many different famous products and designs available, our engineers can select the product best suited to the customers' requirements. We specialized at infrared pyrometer, infrared camera, blackbody, pressure regulator & system. Recognizing the customer's success is truly helping us succeed, we continue to provide more effective and efficient means of TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE REGULATING application. Over the years, we’ve led the famous IR products and pressure regulators relevant innovations designed to meet specific needs. These revolutionary products and concepts have changed temperature measurement and the pressure regulation.

    We are the professional supplier and the agents of the following famous brands:

    - DIAS Infrared GmbH: Portable & On-line Infrared Camera (Thermal Imager), Pyrometer, Blackbody

    - Drukon (Germany): Pressure Regulator & Systems

    - CONCOA (U.S.) specialty Gas/Cutting& Welding/Industrial Distribution Gas pressure regulators,

     Manifold, Switchover, Changeover and Gas Blending / Alarm System. 

     -ID Insert Deal (Italy): Pressure regulator & System

    We supply:

    1. High temperature pyrometers and infrared camera up to 3750°C

    2. High-quality, high flow capacity, high pressure in-line pressure regulator

    3. Special temperature measurement and thermal image solutions for different furnaces

    4. Changeover systems for different special gas equipments


    1. Experienced professional team for 20 more years in infrared temperature measurement and pressure regulator

    2. Solutions for many temperature and pressure regulating needs.

    3. Efficiency: Saving your energy by accurate temperature measurement and accurate pressure regulating.

    4. Products that offer quality, reliability, and value

    5. Product warranty that includes “performance”

    It is our basic tenet to

    Cooperate Faithfully, Progress Together.

    We prides ourselves on our innovative, bespoke approach to solving our customers’ problems.


    1. 2005.08.31 ϺԄӻ̹˾

    2. 2006.01.01 ϺԄӻ̹˾ʽII

    3. 2006.02.18 ˾ᵽɽ·108̖808

    4. 2006.04. ʽ‡DIASt⹫˾(DIAS Infrared GmbH)ȫaƷcDIASЇ̎ϲk

    5. 2007.05 EmersonFij˾A|؅^

    6. 2008.05 ˾wϺɽ·165̖˼η̄՘A502

    7. 2008깫˾ȫ¾Wվwww.sh-lucky3.com Ƴ

    8. 2009.04 ʽASGE˾ؚ{yϵy

    9. 2009.04 ȫҺASGE˾ؚ{yؚO估ϵy

    10. 2009.06 ȫӢij˾{y

    11. 2009.07 ȫmij˾{yaƷ 

    12. 2009.08 _ʼNCONCOA˾ؚ{yϵyaƷ2010.8CONCOA˾ȫaƷ

    13. 2010.04 s@2009ȵ‡DIASt⹫˾ȫܳN۪

    14. 2011.05 ID˾{y

    15. 2011.6.23 ‡Drukonƹ˾{yaƷ

    16. 2011.11.31 ֹͣNmij˾

    17. 2012.6 _ʼЇꑿӢij˾^VVо

    18. 2013.4 PSwt‡Pinter˾aƷ

    19. 2016~2017.9 ͵‡DIASt⹫˾P˾_lPYROVACՠtҕtϵy

    20. 2018 ӆ5PYROVACՠtҕtϵy

    21. 2019PY˾ƺ_l͉Tty؟ϵy





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